Kennedy VP of Streaming Marketing


Title: VP of Streaming Marketing

What is your primary role at Marketing with Wisdom?

“I assist clients with preparing for their upcoming releases & work with Spotify curators to get their songs onto great playlists!”

What’s your background?

“I graduated from Christ for the Nations Institute in 2013 and began working as a full-time worship leader shortly after. In 2018, I decided to step down to focus on my personal music projects and have been traveling full-time since then! From studio vocal work to conferences to songwriting, I have been involved in almost every area of the Christian music world!”

3 fun facts:

I once slept outside NBC Studios in 14 degree weather to be the first person in line for Saturday Night Live stand-by tickets. It was freezing, and it was WORTH IT. 

I have an obsession with deals, and I can find almost any loophole. Examples: 3 Months of HelloFresh (for FREE), 3 years of free flights, free donut every time I get coffee, etc…. 

I got married 3 months after my first date with my husband (we told our parents we had picked a date 7 days after our first date).

5 words that best describe you: