When it comes to marketing, most people are confused about how to do it right, so we provide a clear and effective strategy that results in the best return on investment.

Marketing with Wisdom is a faith-based marketing & advertising agency providing innovative strategies and best-in-class technology.

We specialize in working with businesses, nonprofits, churches, artists, and personal brands in creating and implementing a clear strategy that will produce results by reaching the right people.

Marketing with Wisdom was founded by Wisdom Moon, with 15 years of experience in marketing and Christian music industry, as well as over 20 years of experience in church/nonprofit ministry.

our clients:

  • Crossroads Church

  • Calvary Chapel

  • Johnson Ferry Church

  • One Church

  • Cross Point Church

  • Grace Church

  • Bayside Church

  • Curb | Word Records

  • Integrity Music

  • Centricity Music

  • MultiTracks.com

  • Faith Strong Today

  • WFLIII Drums

  • Overflow Worship

  • Ross King

  • John Tibbs

  • Audiofusion

  • C4 Church

  • Victory Church

  • Krissy Nordhoff

  • Justin Tweito

With decades of combined experience in marketing, business, ministry, and Christian music, our team brings a unique approach that has brought value to numerous clients.

Our Team:


Prompt and professional - clear action steps and valuable feedback at every step of the way. Everyone on the team feels like they’re on OUR team, meaning, they feel invested in the outcomes - not always the case when working with marketing firms. We really feel a tremendous amount of support and a desire to see us win at what we’re doing.
— Crossroads Music
Marketing with Wisdom was very encouraging in what we were doing well and helped show us areas that we could grow with practical application tips on how to get there. They are very approachable and down to earth. It’s easy to brainstorm and bring ideas to them. They are very adept at gently guiding you in the right direction.
— Overflow Worship
Marketing with Wisdom was a great fit for us! As a church staff we feel like we are good at connecting with our people but don’t really have the capacity for anything else. The team at MwW stepped in where we feel like we aren’t as capable and really helped with the external marketing.
— Cross Point Church