Stop Wasting Money on Your Music Production

20,000 songs are uploaded to streaming platforms EVERY DAY. How are you ensuring your song gets a chance?

Too often we see artists/churches spending thousands of dollars on production only to see their song fall flat on its face once they release it because NO ONE found out about it. We receive multiple inquiries a week from artists and churches that are releasing music without a plan. And unfortunately, many of them come to us too late because they didn’t plan a marketing budget (or at least one that is realistic) or they didn’t give themselves enough time to build towards the release date.

Have a marketing plan that includes a playlist strategy. How is your song going to stand out among the hundreds of thousands of songs that will be released in the same month as yours? How will you leverage playlists within your genre to get the exposure you need and introduce your song to potentially hundreds of thousands of your future fans?

Streaming and playlisting is here, now. It is not something that is coming in the near future. If your music release strategy is still focused on albums and CDs, it’s time to make a shift. Think singles. Think single releases every 30 days or every couple of months at the very least.

And, create a plan that will give every single a chance to break through the noise and stand out. If you’re an indie artist or church, there’s never been a better time to reach the masses with your music. You just need to be intentional about it and have the right team around you. (And, have a great song, of course!)

If you need help, reach out to us. We love helping artists & churches make a bigger impact. On average, songs we help with get 300x more streams on Spotify than the songs the artist releases on their own without our marketing help.

To start the conversation with us, simply fill out this contact form and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

Research Online, Purchase Offline

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ROPO: Research Online, Purchase Offline.

According to research, 82% of consumers use their mobile devices to research local businesses and 54% of online buyers read online reviews before making a purchase. By utilizing a range of tools and metrics, such as geolocation tracking, consumer shopping history, social integration, and personalized advertising experiences, businesses can build incredibly detailed profiles of consumers who conduct online research before making purchases throughout every stage of the customer's journey.

Brand Strategy

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Did you know, we help many clients create or tweak their brand strategy? Crafting your brand positioning & messaging is the first step to a long-term marketing strategy. With a storytelling approach, Marketing with Wisdom helps you define who you are and your unique value proposition.

Contact us if you're ready to take your brand strategy to the next level.

It’s a 90-min session that will help you:

  • Identify your target audience and ideal customer avatar

  • Identify your purpose (what problem do you solve?)

  • Identify your distinctive and unique value proposition

  • Identify your brand voice

  • Clarify your message

  • Learn how to take your customers on a journey

  • Create a brand that customers are loyal to

  • Learn the power of story and storytelling

  • Focus your marketing efforts to target the right people

How to Grow Your Social Media in Just 15 minutes A Day

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Want to know an easy way to grow your social media following & engagement organically? Dedicate 15min a day to engage on others' posts: posts by people you follow and posts that use the hashtags that are relevant to your own audience. LIKE their posts. Leave a thoughtful comment on their posts. Send them a thoughtful DM. Engage with their Instagram story. You can even do this by setting a timer for 15min, so you can invest your focused time on it without getting distracted.