Standing out in 3.2 Billion

Did you know that there are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide? That’s about 42% of the current population, and this number is going nowhere but up.

Social media is a big place. Your platform can be an avenue to reaching and impacting thousands of people. The key to killing your social media game is remembering that every statistic, every metric, analytic and estimate is made up of human beings. Focus less on the quantity that these numbers represent and more on the value that they contain.

As you generate content for your social media, consider asking yourself these questions:

Am I adding value?

Do my words have meaning?

Am I making myself heard?

Do I stand-out from the crowd?

In the trillions of posts being generated on our social media feeds every day, we have to create and put forth content strategically with the intention of remaining authentic and making an impact.