How to Grow Your Social Media in Just 15 minutes A Day

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Want to know an easy way to grow your social media following & engagement organically? Dedicate 15min a day to engage on others' posts: posts by people you follow and posts that use the hashtags that are relevant to your own audience. LIKE their posts. Leave a thoughtful comment on their posts. Send them a thoughtful DM. Engage with their Instagram story. You can even do this by setting a timer for 15min, so you can invest your focused time on it without getting distracted.

Can You Handle The Truth?

Often the hardest thing creatives will hear is the truth, but often it’s the most needed thing in order to take their stuff to the next level. We love working with creatives who welcome honest feedback. There is something to be said of having more (trusted) eyes and ears on your project before you release it to the world. We are better together.