Marketing with Wisdom is a Full Service Marketing & Advertising Agency

Below is a list of our services. Schedule a call to find out which services may be the right fit for you.

  • Brand Strategy

    Crafting your brand positioning and messaging is the first step to a long-term marketing strategy. Marketing with Wisdom helps you define who you are so you can have a consistent and effective brand everywhere.

  • Social Media

    Our proven social media management and growth strategies create a solid social media presence that builds relationships, brand awareness, and authority, which in turn creates loyalty for your brand.


    Whether you need help marketing your business or your new music, our experienced team of marketers are here to help. We work with you and your team to create a custom marketing campaign and help execute it to achieve your goals.

  • PUBLICITY campaign

    Public relations starts with a great story or cause. We work with you to construct a compelling press release that helps tell that story and gets the attention of media outlets.

  • digital advertising

    We offer various advertising campaigns that fit your budget and goals, including: social media advertising, pay per click advertising (Google ads), and video advertising.

  • Playlist Pitching

    If you’re an artist and desire to reach new fans, streaming and playlisting is a critical strategy in today’s world. We offer direct pitching to curators of major playlists, as well as helping you submit your song to Spotify’s editorial team. We only take on about 25% of songs we get requested to pitch because we have a very high standard, which means we also have a very high success rate. 100% of songs we’ve pitched so far have gained placement on playlists. We hope to keep that up for our clients!

  • creative services

    Whether you need a new logo, website, graphic design, or video production, our creative team works with you to create eye-catching visuals necessary for a successful campaign.

I hired the team at Marketing with Wisdom specifically to help with playlist pitching. They have the industry knowledge and connections to elevate my music and get it the exposure I couldn’t have on my own. Wisdom was easy to work with, took the time to answer my questions and help me understand what I was investing in. Further, this kingdom-minded and relationship-based approach to marketing is so valuable; the industry needs more of it. Thank you Wisdom and team!
— Jessica Sirls